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With the weather showing signs that spring is here to stay, I’ve spent much of my day cleaning and taking care of clutter.  I am always amazed at how much more energy I have for this kind of work when the sun is out.  It’s not my favourite thing to do but it’s a good feeling when things are in their place.  For many other reasons, cleaning, tidying, purging and organizing is important.  Here are a few: Therapeutic Cleaning brings a sense of order to a space and to the mind.  This

When you see someone you know approaching, do you say “hello” first?  Or do you wait for him/her to initiate the salutation?  If you walk into a busy store and spot someone you knew in high school, do you pretend not to see them? Or do you act surprised when they greet you?  If you said yes to either of these statements then I challenge you to consider breaking out of that comfort zone.  Start saying “hello” first. Here’s why: Confidence Even if you do not feel confident, being the first to say

When I am researching for articles, posts or material for VNC Image & Etiquette, I have many words that I will use in my search that are related.  I’ve included them here.  Let me know of words that you might think of and include them in the comments below. Etiquette Manners Image Wardrobe Style Fashion Look Leadership Career Success Civility Kindness Courtesy Mentorship Career Politeness Positivity Optimistic Friendliness Thoughtfulness Respect Self-esteem Confidence Congeniality Social Grace Charm Protocol Butler Poise Elegance Class

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