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When I was first making the transition  from high school to university (many years ago now), I signed up for a summer “warm-up” program to help ease the anxiety of moving to the next stage in my life.  One of the workshops I attended was an overview of what to expect in a university class versus a high school class.  There were some valuable tips I picked up in the seminar that helped me survive as a student and I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t take it.

In gaining momentum in my career, I have learned a thing or two about people, behaviour and leaders .  I’m no expert by any means, but I have found certain phrases or attitudes that people in leadership roles, never say or use.  Do any of these ring true for you?: I told you so. No one wants to be reminded that they are wrong.  A good leader understands the person who made the mistake will have learned from it and will move on without saying anything. If I need you to know, I will tell

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be a member of the “Hugh Jackman in Concert” show at the Princess of Wales theatre in Toronto.  (AMAZING by the way) My seat was in the middle section of the orchestra;  a couple of seats in from the aisle.  I was stuck in some traffic on the way in so I was entering the theatre later than hoped but still in plenty of time to get to my seat and settle in.  Many people were already there and seated.  When I came to my row, I had to

As the summer approaches, so does the season of graduation ceremonies.  I helped usher at one the other day for the educational institute that I work for . It is a wonderful occasion for graduates and their families to commemorate meeting the requirements of graduation and setting forth into the world with official documentation that shows they now know something about something. I love to assist with this event because the celebratory spirit that accompanies it is intoxicating. And it  is  so powerful to watch the sea of black as the robed

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