Powerful Interview Tips from a Successful Flight Attendant

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A close friend of mine is a flight attendant.  She was asked for some interview tips from a young person who was about to attend her interview for the same airline.  As I was going over her response text, I thought the ideas she was sharing would be great for anyone embarking on a job interview.  Her text went as follows:

This industry is very competitive.  Look the part.  Wear a professional outfit.  No jeans or low-cut tops.  If you have long hair, wear it up and out of your face.  Your make up should be natural.  You’re always being watched so sit nice and straight with a smile and turn your phone off.  Don’t talk, text or play games.  It’s a very big faux pas.

If asked why you want the job, do not say  ‘because I want to see the world’.  It’s the most common answer.  You can say it but have something to go with it.

You could be asked about challenges of the job; delays, mechanicals, working weekends and holidays, disgruntled passengers.  Come up with a way to make it positive.

Think of how you will deal with those disgruntled passengers or colleagues you don’t get along with.  You’re stuck in a metal tube for hours, they want to know how you’ll deal with it.

Think of things you’re proud of, things you’re good at, things you struggle with and be confident.  Good luck!

What would you add if someone asked you for interview tips?



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