Would you Want to Live in a World Without Failure?

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Imagine there was no such thing as failure.  Would that be a world you would want to live in?  The fear of failure can be overwhelming for many.  Some will limit their goals because of their expectation of it.  They go through life making safe choices to avoid it at all costs. Isn’t that failure in itself?  Have you ever attempted to answer the question “what would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?”.  If not, it is a great exercise to make you think about your potential.  It removes the barrier of failure to allow you to see possibilities.  But what if we could remove failure altogether? What would we be missing?


We wouldn’t understand the difficulties of the journey if we never failed at getting to the destination.  We would take it for granted that we would always get what we wanted.  Feeling gratitude for achieving success would be non-existent.

The Journey

Let’s face it.  How many times have you heard that it’s not the arrival to success but the journey to get there that was most meaningful?  It’s the trials and tests you take that mould you into who you become.   That’s what makes life interesting.  You would miss all of those experiences.

Lost Connections

If success were to come instantly every time, there would be no opportunity to meet new people along the path.  With failure, comes inquiries on what to change to get a better/successful result.  This means making connections with experts or mentors to find the answers.  This is networking and it can lead to new relationships personally and professionally.


There would be nothing to celebrate if there was no failure.  Failure is frustrating, aggravating and discouraging but when you finally succeed – it is AWESOME!!  It makes success so much sweeter.


Great stories come from failed attempts.  The life of Walt Disney wouldn’t be half as interesting if he never failed.  And Mickey might have been Mortimer which isn’t anywhere near as cool as Mickey.

Failures that are Actually Successes

Sometimes when trying to discover something that works, we make mistakes that may serve another purpose.  Post-it notes are a perfect example.  In trying to find a super-strong adhesive for the aerospace industry, a weak but reusable adhesive was discovered that is now used for the very popular re-stickable post-its.  How would we mark important pages in cookbooks, text books or hymnals?  Thank goodness for that failure.

Failure is a major part of success.  We are human and were meant to learn from our mistakes and our trials.  Falling is a part of learning to walk.  Take away the failure and there is so much to be missed.

Vicki Noels-Cornish

An effervescent personality with a passion for courtesy,manners and civility. Leadership Consultant specializing in image, leadership and career development

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