How to add “Pizazz” to your day: Wear RED

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We all have those days where we wake up and the thought of leaving the comfort of our cozy beds is unthinkable.  Laying quasi-awake anticipating the day, you have to make the decision of what you will wear and that just makes the bed that much more appealing.  The choice to wear the “old stand-by” comfortable or familiar outfit, is the easiest one.  It isn’t a “power suit”, it doesn’t have a statement, no one typically comments on it ever but it gets you by when you don’t feel you have the energy to piece together a spectacular attire presentation.

May I suggest wearing “red”.  It doesn’t have to be an entire ensemble of red but a red necklace or tie might just inject enough subtle “pizazz” into your outward projection that turns the feeling of “blah” into one of “confidence”.  Here’s how:

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  1. When our bodies are stimulated, whether by anger, attraction or attention, we flush red because of the increased flow of blood.
  2. Red is often associated with winning.  Studies show a higher probability of winning if an athlete or team wear red when competing.
  3. Red will trigger the “flight-or-flight” response which suggests that red is perceived as dominant, powerful and aggressive – putting a person who wears red in a psychological position of power.
  4. Energy is represented by red.  Red will increase blood flow and signal the release of adrenalin.
  5. Red is a highly visible colour so it attracts attention quickly.
  6. People will often be viewed as more attractive if wearing red.  It is a colour of passion and love.
  7. It’s exciting.  Red is the colour of blood and fire and is the highest colour on the rainbow arc.
Vicki Noels-Cornish

An effervescent personality with a passion for courtesy,manners and civility. Leadership Consultant specializing in image, leadership and career development

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